Our Experts

A World of Difference is produced in consultation with Beacon College professionals, each an expert in their field.

Alexander Morris-WoodAlexander Morris-Wood
High School to College Transition Guru

Alexander Morris-Wood is director of transition services and outreach at Beacon College. He designed Navigator PREP, Beacon College’s virtual transition-to-college program for students and parents in an effort to reduce impediments to college success. Read more »

Dr. A.J. Marsden

Dr. A.J. Marsden is an assistant professor of human services and psychology at Beacon College, specializing in human development, motivation, emotion and attitudes, as well as PTSD and other disorders . Read more »

Dr. Nicki Nance
Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Nicki Nance is a mental health counselor and an associate professor of human services and psychology at Beacon College. Her expertise lies in relationships, and addictions.  Read more »

Dr. Oksana Hagerty
Educational and developmental psychologist

Dr. Oksana Hagerty serves as a learning specialist and the assistant director of the Center for Student Success at Beacon College. She specializes in academic support, cognitive abilities, learning disability interventions, and educational and developmental psychology.  Read more »