S2, E5: Ask The Experts – Magic of Music for Kids who Learn Differently

Discussing the magic of music for children who learn differently are this episode’s panelists:

Frank Fitzpatrick is a Grammy-nominated, multi-Platinum music producer. He serves on the faculty of Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine and is a contributor for Forbes, writing about the intersection of music, health and human potential. Fitzpatrick is also the author the book, “Amplified: Unleash Your Potential Through the Power of Music.”

Dr. Alice Hammel, Virginia Music Educator Association Outstanding Educator (2018) and current President Elect of the Virginia Music Educators Association, is a widely known music educator, author, and clinician whose experience in music is extraordinarily diverse. She is a member of the faculty of James Madison University, and has many years of experience teaching instrumental and choral music in public and private schools. Dr. Hammel has put these varied experiences to great use while compiling a large body of scholarly work. She is a co-author for four texts: Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Label-free Approach, Teaching Music to Students with Autism, Winding It Back: Teaching to Individual Differences in Music Classroom and Ensemble Settings, and Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Practical Resource. Dr. Hammel is President of the Council for Exceptional Children – Division for Visual and Performing Arts Education.