S1, E1: Helping Students Emerge Successfully From The COVID-19 Cocoon

Air date: August 2020

As schools tentatively ramp up to welcome students back to campus, many parents are wondering how their students will emerge academically from the COVID cocoon.

A recent student from The Brookings Institution pinpoints a major concern. The study observes that students who suffer the most from summer brain drain tend to gain the most when back in school, but this may not hold for COVID-19. For the 2.24 million U.S. students receiving special education services for specific learning disabilities, these concerns are super-sized.

How can neurodiverse students in K-12 successfully hit the ground running? Also, meet this month’s “Difference Maker,” former pro wrestler and actor turned politician, Matt Morgan, who wrestled with and pinned ADHD on the way to a successful career.


(Via Zoom) Dr. James Williams, national pre-ETS (employment transition services) and Chief Operating Officer at Bloom Consulting in Austin. TX.

Dr. Oksana Hagerty, educational/developmental psychologist, Beacon College

Dr. A.J. Marsden, assistant professor of human services and psychology, Beacon College

Dr. Nicki Nance, mental health counselor and associate professor of human services and psychology, Beacon College

Alexander Morris-Wood, director of transition services and outreach, Beacon College