Past Episodes

S2, E7: Empowering Children With Dyslexia

In this episode, you’ll hear about dyslexia from individuals and families from around the country who’ve learned to thrive with it during our “In the Know” segment. Next, our national panel of experts will provide advice on how families can empower children who have dyslexia during our “Ask the Experts” conversation. Later, you’ll met our latest “Difference Maker,” a Florida mother whose advocacy for her son with dyslexia morphed into a worldwide mission to equip parents and educators to decode dyslexia.

S2, E2: Ask the Experts – Timing College for LD Teens

For families rearing children with learning differences, figuring out whether college is in the offing, and if it is, how to actively take part in the transition planning process, can be tricky. For answers to these and other important questions, we turn to the experts: Dr. Jill K. Corbin, Dr. Wanda M. Hadley, Josephine Vonarburg, and Alexander Morris-Wood.

S2, E6: Difference Maker – Jeanne Betancourt

Jeanne Betancourt

Growing up, Jeanne Betancourt struggled to learn to read and write.  Her struggle to master those skills led her to hone in on the world around her, soaking up details. Years, later, Betancourt discovered a passion for making up stories and writing them down. Good thing. Betancourt parlayed her storytelling into a successful career as a children’s book author, a chapter in her life that she credits her dyslexia for authoring.

S2, E6: Assistive Technology for Students Who Learn Differently

On this episode of Beacon College’s A World of Difference, you’ll discover the latest assistive tech gadgets and gizmos in our “In the Know” interview with Assistive Technology Industry Association CEO David Dikter. Next, we’ll take a deeper dive into AT in our “Ask the Experts” conversation with Google’s accessibility guru Laura Allen. Finally, you’ll meet our latest “Difference Maker,” Jeanne Betancourt, who leveraged her dyslexia to write a happy ending as a popular children’s book author. All episodes at

S2, E5: Difference Makers – Ulysses Owens Jr.

Ulysses Owens Jr - Soul Conversations

For Ulysses Owens Jr., the three Rs often was accompanied by a backbeat as he often passed time in class treating his desk as a drum kit. He was later diagnosed with ADHD, but the little drummer boy parlayed his BAR-RUMP-A-THUMP-THUMP into becoming the first African-American drummer admitted into The Juilliard School and later into a Grammy Award-winning jazz career.