Past Episodes

S3, E2: Difference Makers – The Winner Twins

Imagine if you will a set of identical twins. They share everything from DNA to clothing style. And they share something else too: significant learning differences. It’s not the Twilight Zone you’ve entered, but rather the world of Brianna and Brittany Winner. And the twins share something else too: a passion for fantasy and science Read More…

S3, E3: Making Reading Fundamental for Dyslexics

One in five students has dyslexia, the most common language-based learning disability. In general, dyslexia impacts one’s ability to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols. Yet, it’s no indicator of general intelligence. Still, kids who can’t read like their peers often suffer ridicule, battered self-esteem and withdrawal because they stop believing themselves smart Read More…

S3, E2: Difference Makers – David Flink

David Flink

David Flink was determined no other neurodivergent kids should have to endure the stigma of learning disability, leading him to found Eye to Eye, a nationwide nonprofit created by and for people who learn differently, with the goal of promoting a more equitable and inclusive world for people with learning differences.

S3, E2: Embracing Neurodiversity

 In an unprecedented exodus, more than 47 million Americans in 2021 quit their jobs, according a recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report.  Many dub that great migration — driven by the COVID-19 pandemic — the Great Resignation. And there are few signs it’s slowing. All those departures mean opportunities for jobseekers. But opportunities Read More…