Past Episodes

S4, E3: Ask The Experts – Winning the Homework Battles

On this episode of “A World of Difference,” our expert panel reveals what makes homework for neurodivergent kids a struggle and offers winning strategies for acing the assignment. Our experts include: Tom Flis is a board certified and licensed behavior analyst and licensed clinical professional counselor who has more than 20 years of experience working Read More…

S4, E3: Difference Maker | Anthony Schmidt

Anthony Schmidt

It’s not unusual for a teenage boy to have a full-throttle love affair with cars. So, in that respect, Anthony Schmidt is ordinary. It’s only when you look at his photographs of vintage automobiles that ordinary shifts into a higher gear. Using his iPhone, Anthony composes photographs of model cars that appear life-size and realistic. Read More…

S4, E2: Difference Maker | P.J. Manney

For P.J. Manney, life was a song, and the classically trained teenager sang it. With gusto. Manney had designs on gracing Broadway until fate sucker-punched her in the nose. Literally. And, just like that, Manney was forced to sing a different tune. Rather than Broadway, she found her way to Hollywood, writing scripts about warrior Read More…

S4, E2: Ask the Experts | Praise That Makes a Difference for LD Kids

For neurodivergent children who battle through challenges in the classroom and on the playground, a bit of praise can boost self-esteem and bolster confidence. A high-five can motivate a child struggling to get a handle on dyslexia persist. And a well-placed “good job” when a child remembers to hand in his homework on time can Read More…

S4, E3: Winning the Homework Battles

On this episode of A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity, we visit a Midwestern mother of three kids with ADHD who long endured stressful homework sessions but fortunately found a solution that has made homework less, well, work.

S4, E2: Praise That Makes a Difference for LD Kids

On this episode of “A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity,” we visit a Central Florida family that uses praise to nourish the souls of both their neurodivergent and neurotypical daughters.

S4, E1: Ask The Experts – Early Intervention for LD

Every child needs early parental involvement, but for kids with learning and attention issues, early intervention stands as perhaps the most consequential thing parents can do to ensure their child reaches their full potential. On this episode, our panel of national experts discusses how early intervention can enhance children’s outcomes.

S4, E1: Difference Makers – Dr. Jason Arday

Dr. Jason Arday

As the well-worn proverb attests, silence is golden. That is unless you are a loving mother desperate to hear your child speak your name or whisper that precious trio of words: I love you. Unable to speak or write, Jason Arday for years bore silent witness to the world as he navigated his autism journey, always observing, thinking, and learning. When he eventually found his words as a tweenager, Arday finally was freed to share with the world the intellect that had been percolating in silence.

S4, E1: The Importance of Early Intervention

Early intervention primarily describes services and support children from birth to age three with learning and attention issues receive that address their individual communication, social-emotional, and learning needs, helps them reach their peak, and can reduce the likelihood the child will experience more serious mental health problems down the line. On this episode, we visit a Texas school for neurodivergent students that finds fun ways to tackle the serious task of early intervention.

S3, E11: Difference Makers – Lucas Boyce

Lucas Boyce

When you come into the world the child of a mother struggling with substance abuse — and as a result, saddled with developmental delays and learning issues — and then moved into the foster care system less than two weeks after entering the world, there’s no telling where your life will end up. As the Read More…