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S3, E9: Difference Makers – Dr. John Rhodes

John Rhodes

When you’re born into a family in which your grandfather and father are doctors and your mother is a nurse, it’s a good bet that playing doctor may lie in your future. Yet, once John Rhodes was placed into special education classes in elementary school the possibility that he would follow their footsteps into medicine seemed longshot at best, and the writing was on the wall. Only he struggled mightily to read it.

S3, E9: Ask The Experts – Mental Health Needs of LD Students

Our expert panel provides tips and strategies to identify red flags and respond positively to help children before or after mental health issues take root. Dr. Melissa Boduch serves as a lead learning specialist and academic advisor at the Center for Student Success at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida. Boduch specializes in providing academic support, Read More…

S3, E9: Mental Health Needs of LD Students

For parents, hearing that their child has learning and attention issues can hit like a Mack truck. Yet, that initial impact can be multiplied later because mental health issues often ride shotgun to a neurodivergent diagnosis. Indeed, research published in the Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found nearly 24% of youngsters with a specific learning disorder suffer severe anxiety.

S3, E8: Ask The Experts – Neurodivergence Among People of Color

On this episode of “A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity,” our expert panel looks closer at the twofold challenges that neurodivergent children of color can face and provide strategies to head off the issues that can undercut their ability to succeed and thrive.

S3, E8: Difference Makers – Armani Williams

Armani Williams

When doctors told the parents of Armani Williams that he had autism and might need to be a ward of his parents for life, the dreams they had for their son seemed stuck in park. But the boy who was fascinated with cars and trucks took a detour and put his own dream on overdrive. He started racing go-karts as an 8-year-old and debuted in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series in Canada in 2017.

S3, E8: Neurodivergence Among People of Color

Being a person of color in this country comes with a lot of baggage. Living with learning disabilities is no picnic either. So, imagine the child who is both neurodivergent and a person of color. The intersection between race and neurodivergence can be daunting. On this episode, we explore the challenges one neurodivergent Asian college Read More…

S3, E7: Difference Makers – Ness Blackbird

Ness Blackbird

On this episode of “A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity” meet Ness Blackbird, our latest “Difference Maker.” He is the neurodivergent mind behind a coding education platform designed to help school districts equip students with the computer programming skills necessary to enter the workforce or to succeed in college.

S3, E7: Neurodiversity and Tech

A recent blog post on Tech Nation, a growth platform for tech companies and leaders, asked an intriguing and important question: “In a technology-driven world, how is it possible to improve the world for everyone, without everyone’s input?” Of late, more companies answering that question by leveraging the abilities, insights, and talents of a wide array of different thinkers by diversifying their workforces – including neurodiversity.

S3, E6: Difference Makers – Jeremiah Josey

Jeremiah Josey

Jeremiah Josey’s passion for pastry led him to launch a YouTube program, “Jeremiah’s Cooking Adventures,” where he cooked with famous chefs.  But things really heated up for this easy baker after a guest spot on the Steve Harvey Show. These days, when Josey isn’t baking with his culinary heroes or modeling for Tommy Hilfiger, he’s penning books about his journey with autism and standing up tall as an advocate for the neurodiverse.

S3, E6: Leveraging Vocational Rehabilitation for Aspiring Collegians

Vocational Rehabilitation, or VR, helps individuals with disabilities transition into the workforce. It can support training in any field or career from science to law that requires postsecondary education or a degree. And VR can provide help with planning for college and provide help with some of the costs of attendance.  Of course, it helps to Read More…