Season 1


Episode Title Air Date
Episode 1 Helping students emerge successfully from the COVID-19 cocoon August 2020
Episode 2 The Americans with Disabilities Act at 30: Reflections and Reckoning September 2020
Episode 3 Ensuring Workforce Diversity Includes Neurodiversity October 2020
Episode 4 STEM and Students With Learning Disabilities November 2020
Episode 5 Helping Autistic Students Succeed on Campus December 2020
Episode 6 Pushing Students Who Learn Differently — but not over the edge January 2021
Episode 7 Helping High School Seniors with Learning Disabilities Successfully Transition to College February 2021
Episode 8 Boosting Self Esteem In LD Kids March 2021
Episode 9 The Value of Animal-Assisted Interventions for LD Individuals April 2021
Episode 10 Helping students with ADHD Succeed May 2021
Episode 11 Self-care for Parents and Guardians of LD Kids June 2021