Uncommonly Visionary

As the first college in the nation accredited to award bachelor’s degrees exclusively to students with learning disabilities and ADHD, Beacon College remains committed to student success, offering academic and personal support services that help students achieve their goals. We are truly a community — welcoming, accepting, and supporting each member of it. 

It is unmistakable when one enters the Beacon campus that something special is underway. The Beacon difference is in the energy of the place — emanating from devotion to a common purpose, an unwavering commitment to robust student outcomes, and the clear-eyed convictions of those in the community that our work is important and trail-blazing. There is an urgency in all that we do and for which we plan.

Get to Know Beacon

We’re a close-knit community of diverse learners located in Leesburg, Florida. Here, students with learning differences navigate the academic rigor and expectations of college, gain hands-on career experiences, and build lifelong relationships with peers from around the world.

The best way to get to know Beacon is by seeing who we are and what our students have accomplished.

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Pursuing the Life Abundant

Within the classroom and far beyond it, Beacon faculty and staff nurture a vivacious learning laboratory that calls upon our students to seek and cherish all of life’s richness.

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Built for Learning, Built for Living

Beacon has designed and built vibrant contemporary settings for living and learning. Academic buildings incorporate integrated, adaptive technology and light, spacious classrooms. Activity and residential buildings feature lively backdrops for diverse fun and interesting pursuits.

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Education Is the Key

With nine academic programs, we’re preparing students to compete in today’s global marketplace, and our tremendous range of support services helps equip students to succeed after graduation.

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