Difference Makers

Difference Maker Denise Brodey

Meet Difference Maker Denise Brodey, an award-winning journalist who channels her personal experiences with learning differences into articles championing inclusive workforces.

About the Segments

Difference Makers

A candid and compelling interview with a famous and/or successful individual thriving with learning disabilities.

Ask the Experts

Brings together a panel of subject-matter experts to examine an issue faced by the neurodivergent community and gives viewers actionable advice.

Family Matters

A profile of a real-life neurodiverse family that explores their day-to-day lives and offers practical strategies from the family members for navigating neurodivergence.

In the School

Features private and public schools, and explores the pedagogy and strategies they are employing to educate students who learn differently.

Rising Above

A feature that highlights a business or organization that is doing innovative things to equip neurodivergent individuals for success.

In the Know

An intimate conversation with a neurodivergent individual who shares the trials and triumphs of living a neurodivergent life.