S2, E2: Ask the Experts – Timing College for LD Teens

For families rearing children with learning differences, figuring out whether college is in the offing, and if it is, how to actively take part in the transition planning process, can be tricky. For answers to these and other important questions, we turn to the experts.

Dr. Jill K. Corbin is director of college & transition counseling at Denver Academy, a Colorado co-educational, independent day school serving diverse learners in grades 1 through 12.

Dr. Wanda M. Hadley is an associate professor of higher education leadership, educational leadership, research and technology at Western Michigan University.

Josephine Vonarburg is an independent educational consultant and owner of Transitions College Advising, a consulting company that specializes in helping students with learning differences plan and execute a successful transition to college.

Alexander Morris-Wood is dean of admissions, transition programs, & strategic outreach at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, which specializes in educating students with learning differences.