S2, E4: Ask the Experts – Getting the most out of IEPs

For answers to questions like what happens at IEP meetings and for strategies to ensure your child’s IEP provisions are implemented, we turn to the experts.

Melissa Mayor is a learning specialist at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida and a former grade school teacher who worked with students with IEPs to ensure their educational needs were met, they succeeded, and met promotional criteria.

Fiona Rattray is a parent training and information specialist at Westchester Independent Living Center in White Plains, NY, a peer-driven, community-based organization that empowers people with disabilities to lead self-directed lives. She develops, coordinates and conducts parent, professional and youth trainings in-person and through webinars on the special education process, advocacy, transition planning, and building parent school partnerships.

Ann Siegel is the legal director for Disability Rights Florida, a nonprofit that provides legal advocacy and rights protection for adults and children with a wide range of disabilities. She oversees their advocacy, education and & outreach team.