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All in the (Neurodiverse) Family

Season 2 | Episode 9
Airdate: June 2022

It’s not unusual for parents to gaze at their kids and see little mirrors reflecting back. Children can inherit mom and dad’s eyes, hair color, freckles, and other physical traits. And if mom and dad’s brains are wired differently, time may reveal that their little ones also learn differently. Rearing children is tough enough, but when it’s all in the neurodiverse family, navigating the daily challenges of schoolwork and household tasks can prove extra challenging. Yet, while parents and children who learn differently may experience more trials in understanding each other and the world, these moms and dads may also be uniquely equipped to support youngsters with learning disabilities for having lived their shared experience. On this episode, you’ll meet a mom with learning differences who is walking the neurodiverse journey hand-in-hand with her neurodiverse son. Next, our panel of experts will share wise counsel and helpful tips for multi-generational neurodiverse families. Later, you’ll meet Avi, our latest “Difference Maker,” who turned the page on a writing-focused learning disability by cranking out scores of best-selling and award-winning children’s books.