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Empowering Children With Dyslexia

Season 2 | Episode 7
Airdate: April 2022

Recently, Comic Book Resources, a popular outlet for comics industry news, released its ranking of the 20 Best Superpowers of All Time. The list included the usual suspects: Super-strength. X-ray vision. Flight. One that didn’t crack the list was dyslexia. Of course, dyslexia is far more common than heat vision considering between 5 to 10% of Americans live with signs such as slow reading, difficulty spelling, or mixing up words. The severity differs for everyone, and dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence. Children diagnosed with dyslexia can get into college and live abundant lives, especially when they learn to harness the creativity and novel thinking that entrepreneurial superheroes with dyslexia like “Shark Tank’s” Daymond John consider their superpower. On this episode, you’ll hear about dyslexia from individuals and families from around the country who’ve learned to thrive with it during our “In the Know” segment. Next, our national panel of experts will provide advice on how families can empower children who have dyslexia during our “Ask the Experts” conversation. Later, you’ll met our latest “Difference Maker,” a Florida mother whose advocacy for her son with dyslexia morphed into a worldwide mission to equip parents and educators to decode dyslexia.