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Ensuring Workforce Diversity Includes Neurodiversity

Season 1 | Episode 3
Airdate: October 2020

This episode focuses on “Ensuring Workforce Diversity Includes Neurodiversity,” and features Carolyn Jeppsen, Co-Founder/CEO/President, BroadFutures, a national organization that helps job candidates with learning disabilities reach their highest potential and works to change employer perceptions about learning disabilities. Also featured: RAISE, a local Florida grassroots program that equips clients with disabilities to join the workforce, and this month’s “Difference Maker” is Jhillika Kumar, whose LinkedIn-like platform matches neurodiverse job candidates with employers. It also features a “Just the Facts” presentation from Drs. A.J. Marsden and Nicki Nance on the benefits to employers of nurturing a neurodiverse workplace.