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Neurodiversity and Tech

Season 3 | Episode 7
Airdate: March 2023

A recent blog post on Tech Nation, a growth platform for tech companies and leaders, asked an intriguing and important question: “In a technology-driven world, how is it possible to improve the world for everyone, without everyone’s input?” Of late, more companies answering that question by leveraging the abilities, insights, and talents of an wide array of different thinkers by diversifying their workforces. Rising high on the wish list are employees who are neurodivergent — workers who think and learn differently. Why? Research and anecdotal success stories confirm that different perspectives and cognitive skills produce tangible benefits to the bottom line. As companies embrace neurodiversity in technology, more parents are steering their neurodivergent children into tech, hoping to nurture strengths and aptitudes that their learning differences may afford — abilities that may afford the child a sustainable, stable, and independent future. On this episode, we explore a New York program that aims to transform the lives of neurodivergent students by teaching computer science thinking and technology skills to upgrade their education and future employment prospects. Next, we travel to a Texas private school for students with learning differences that is training the next wave of American defenders to man the cyber front lines. Later, you’ll meet our latest “Difference Maker,” the neurodivergent mind behind a coding education platform designed to help school districts equip students with the computer programming skills necessary to enter the workforce or to succeed in college.