S1, E7: Helping High School Seniors with Learning Disabilities Successfully Transition to College

Season 1 | Episode 7
“Helping High School Seniors with Learning Disabilities Successfully Transition to College”

February 2021


As high school seniors await entry letters from their dream and “safety” schools, they dream of ditching the constraints of high school for the freedom that college life brings.

For parents of aspiring collegians who learn differently, the reality of that looming independence comes with heightened uncertainty, anxiety, additional hurdles to negotiate, and the overriding question: is my child who learns differently be poised for making a successful transition from high school to college?

On this episode of “A World of Difference,” you’ll meet a high school senior who learns differently who is prepping for that transition, and see how one family is approaching this next chapter of life.

You’ll also receive the straight dope from our panel of transition professionals on helping LD high schoolers make the college transition with fewer stumbles in our “Ask the Experts” segment.

And you’ll meet this month’s “Difference Maker,” real estate guru John Crossman, who learned later in life that the career he built was constructed upon a foundation of dyslexia, a realization that powers the caring heart he has for helping young people find their way.

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