Difference Maker The Winner Twins

Airdate: November 2022

Imagine if you will a set of identical twins. They share everything from DNA to clothing style. And they share something else too: significant learning differences. It’s not the Twilight Zone you’ve entered, but rather the world of Brianna and Brittany Winner. And the twins share something else too: a passion for fantasy and science fiction. Indeed, the Winner Twins penned their first sci-fi novel, “The Strand Prophecy,” a book that racked up eight writing awards, when they were 12. That was only the start. They have gone on to publish more books, become fixtures at comic conventions, and start a nonprofit, Motivate 2 Learn, to help other kids with learning disabilities. As the Winner Twins have shown, you can enter into another dimension — of success and achievement — if you harness your differences and imagination to dream up a narrative without limitations.