One On One | Jordan Greene

Airdate: May 2023

Research published in the Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found nearly 24% of youngsters with a specific learning disorder suffer severe anxiety. Another study found that severe depression plagues more than 14% of children and adolescents with specific learning disorders. Additional research concluded 17% of children with learning and attention issues are dogged by severe stress while 75% register low resilience levels. Blame bullying, awkward social relationships, limited coping skills, and more. Taken together, for children battling on both fronts — coping with learning differences and challenges to mental health – the tension can leave them vulnerable to psychiatric issues and undercut their ability to learn, foster relationships, and overcome obstacles. However, there is much families can do to support neurodivergent kids before or after mental health challenges arise. HealthDay special correspondent Mabel Jong goes one on one with Jordan Greene, an up-and-comer at Spelman College in Atlanta who has added tools to her toolbelt to help herself and others like her build a fortress to withstand challenges to anxiety and depression.