Family Matters | The Hybl Family

Airdate: June 2024

For some kids, school is a place of excitement and discovery. All over the world, however, kids face obstacles in the classroom. They may struggle with reading, focusing, or keeping up with assignments because of learning and attention issues. And for some, these learning differences can trigger another hidden struggle – anxiety. One study found that at least 21% of children with specific learning disabilities battle anxiety disorders. These anxieties can be a real burden for neurodivergent children.

It’s important for families to talk about these challenges children who learn differently face, and the good news is, there’s a lot families and educators can do to support them. There are effective strategies to help children with learning and attention issues manage their anxieties and thrive.

On this episode, we visit a dyslexic Massachusetts teenager whose fear of classroom failure taught her mother the importance of stepping up as an relentless advocate to help ward off her daughter’s brewing anxiety.