Ask The Experts | What Not to Say

Airdate: July 2024

You’ve probably heard these sayings. “Silence is golden.” “All truth is good to know but not all truth is good to say.” “Think before you speak.” And, of course, “A closed mouth gathers no flies.”

There’s a good reason these similar sayings abound: it’s to hammer home this important life lesson: “discretion is the better part of valor.” Perhaps the best example of this happens when well-meaning friends, family, or even strangers, stroll up to the parents of a neurodivergent child and deliver an offhand comment or piece of uninformed, unsolicited advice that leave mom and dad feeling judged, misunderstood, and often ticked off.

Words have power. And when the words suggest that a child who learns differently is somehow less, or odd, or that mom and dad aren’t measuring up, words sting. That’s why it’s helpful for family, friends, coworkers and others to understand what not to say to parents of neurodivergent children and understand how to trade those awkward and unhelpful comments for genuine support.

On this episode, our panel of national experts will debunk myths and share how to offer genuine support that celebrates neurodiversity.