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Making Reading Fundamental for Dyslexics

Season 3 | Episode 3
Airdate: November 2022

Viewers of a certain age may recall public service announcements from the ‘70s that promoted the importance of reading with the declaration that “reading is fundamental.” Yet, for some 20 percent of the population, the motto might be better stated that reading is formidable. One in five students has dyslexia, the most common language-based learning disability. In general, dyslexia impacts one’s ability to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols. Yet, it’s no indicator of general intelligence. Still, kids who can’t read like their peers often suffer ridicule, battered self-esteem and withdrawal because they stop believing themselves smart and capable. But with early intervention and the right support, struggling readers can make significant strides and discover reading to be less formidable and more fundamental to their lives. On this episode, we take you to a Georgia private school for dyslexics where focused remediation means nearly half the student body leaves every year ready to compete, and then to a Florida public school classroom where daily reading sessions are an opportunity to bolster dyslexic learners. Next, our panel of experts shares practical strategies to help parents better support their struggling readers at home. Later, you’ll meet our latest “Difference Makers,” the Winner Twins, an award-winning fantasy and sci-fi writing duo of identical twins, who’ve discovered learning differences don’t close the book on success.