Difference Maker Gregory Shepard

Airdate: June 2023

In western culture, the number seven often is considered lucky. Perhaps not so much when you’re a kid and then a young man left trying to make sense of the world while dealing with seven undiagnosed neurodivergent conditions. That was Gregory Shepard’s life until his 40s when he finally learned that he was autistic and living with several processing disorders. Yet, Shepard rolled his seven into a career as a start-up business artist and serial entrepreneur. Today, he has 14 liquidity events under his belt — two of which were sold as part of a $925 million transaction with eBay. As a ForbesBooks author, a TEDX speaker, host of the Forbes Radio ‘Meet The BOSS’ podcast, and co-founder of BOSS Capital Partners, Shepard is living his best life. And he is now paving the way for others who learn and think differently to roll the dice and come up winners.