Difference Maker Penn Holderness

Airdate: September 2022

Imagine you’ve enjoyed a successful career in TV journalism anchoring newscasts, hosting a popular show on HGTV, and working for ESPN, but you’ve grown weary of the gloom and doom of the daily news blotter. What do you do? Jump onto YouTube and create your own reality of parody songs, zaniness and good cheer. Or at least that’s what Penn Holderness did, making it a family affair with his wife and kids, sharing their abundant love and a good time with the world. And Penn also shares something else: his journey with ADHD. With videos leavened with his trademark zaniness, he teaches the Holderness Family’s 4.5 million followers, as his viral video song, ADHD “under the sea” parody, trumpets, that ADHD could be a real superpower.