Family Matters | The Flaugh Family

Airdate: April 2024

Usually when king of comedy Chris Rock opens his mouth you brace for something funny, if wrapped in an uncomfortable truth. Four years ago, Rock opened his mouth and shared his truth: the comic, then in his early 50s, had been diagnosed with nonverbal learning disability.

In a way, the star of “Grown Up,” in revealing his diagnosis was letting the world in on a bad joke: the neurological condition known alternatively as nonverbal learning disorder or nonverbal learning disability isn’t widely known or understood. Worse, because it affects different individuals in different ways, the condition may be grossly underdiagnosed.

Yet, the visual-spatial issues and struggles with fine motor skills, decoding body language and facial expressions, and other issues that children with nonverbal learning disability navigate can be mitigated with early intervention and support, meaning individuals with NVLD can find success.

On this episode, we meet a Kentucky teen and promising artist who is learning as a homeschooler to navigate nonverbal learning disorder.