Family Matters | The Green Family

Airdate: October 2023

For neurodivergent children who battle through challenges in the classroom and on the playground, a bit of praise can boost self-esteem and bolster confidence. A high-five can motivate a child struggling to get a handle on dyslexia persist. And a well-placed “good job” when a child remembers to hand in his homework on time can stoke resilience and whittle away negative self-talk. Of course, while in the thick of digging out from the disaster area that is the room of your child with ADHD, parents might find it difficult to remember to catch the child while she is good, it’s important for moms and dads, relatives, and educators to gift children who learn differently with praise to show them, “I see you,” as a way to foster positivity as the child navigates an often winding road to learning. On this episode of A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity, we visit a Central Florida family that uses praise to nourish the souls of both their neurodivergent and neurotypical daughters.