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Helping students with ADHD Succeed

Season 1 | Episode 10
Airdate: May 2021

On this episode of “A World of Difference,” we’ll visit an innovative small private school in Leesburg, Florida that integrates art and movement into the three R’s and has proven to be just what the doctor ordered for its students with ADHD. Next, we’ll do a deeper dive into the alphabet soup of ADHD and explore ways that parents can better support their children with the help of our esteemed panel of experts in our “Ask the Experts” segment with Miami psychiatrist Dr. Arthur Bregman, Dr. Gilbert Franco, and Rashonda R. Musawwir, APRN, CPNP, PMHS. Finally, we’ll introduce you to this month’s “Difference Maker,” Peter Shankman, an entrepreneur whose ADHD has powered the launch of several companies and the publication of a host of books.